Competitive bidding

Reaching the optimal price structure and the most appropriate contractual terms for new contract or when renewing an old contract

Certamen, latin: contest, battle

The steps of the project:

  • Analyzing user habits
  • Examining existing (current) service contracts
  • Prepare and submit tender documentation
  • Executing the tender process (either by electronic auction or multi-round negotiation)
  • Evaluate tenders and present the result
  • Conduct new round(s) as needed
  • Preparing / reviewing the contract

Who do we recommend it to?
All companies, businesses, ideally 6 (but at least 4) months before the telecommunications service contract expires.

  • Why SciamuS?
  • The analysis requires special statistical methods that only a professional consulting firm – SciamuS – has.
  • Because the negotiations involved require up-to-date understanding of the domestic and international markets that only an extensively experienced company knowledgeable in the field of telecommunications – SciamuS – commands.
  • SciamuS is independent of any provider – and therefore unattached to the interests of any provider – and thus represents only the interests of its clients.
  • SciamuS’ market leader position is due to its satisfied clients.
  • Because SciamuS has developed a special method for achieving the most successful tendering, based on our unique TCO model, where its biggest advantage is that it can be customized according to the customers user habits.
  • Because SciamuS has an average of 20 bidding per year, so we are constantly aware of the opportunities and the market situation and can therefore do an up-to-date benchmarking

One of the most important elements of our cost optimization projects is the competition of service providers. We undertake to do this separately, for example, after a successful Consido project, following the expiration of new contracts, typically two or three years later. Because of the constant change in the market, there is a need for continuous cost control, one of the most effective elements being the competition of telecommunications providers.

The appeal of SciamuS’s method is special because it is tailored to the customer’s usage habits. The evaluation is based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). We always spot out the tried and tested “tricks” of service providers, so at the end we recommend the service provider that is best for our customers.

With our unique market know-how, SciamuS achieves a much better result than if the customer itself would perform the tender and negotiate with the service providers. We know the basic cost-models of service providers. We make a lot of bidding and negotiating on behalf of our clients every year. We know what prices, conditions we can reach, what we have reached in similar situations for other clients.

Our competitive bidding service includes:

  • Preparation of the tender documentation, for which we conduct usage analyses in advance.
  • Submission of the tender documentation, consultation with the service providers during the process.
  • Evaluate tenders and present the result.
  • Conduct new round(s) as needed
  • Final evaluation, decision preparation, contract preparation.

Do you have any question?

If you have telecommunication questions, would like to know us, or need support, feel free to contact us! We also appreciate your suggestions regarding our webpage and our services.