Quotes from our clients

"…They also helped our company deal with overcharges. Our actual savings were 55% of the original costs…"
Bulcsú Váray
IT manager, TNT
"Our cooperation resulted in a 60 million HUF annual net saving. We launched two projects in 2011... We are confident that the results of those projects would also be spectacular."
Róbert Pálya
technical director, RTL Klub
"As a result of successful cooperation, we asked SciamuS for its regular cost monitoring services. The project resulted in a 72% savings, which is very considerable, and naturally we’re satisfied with it. Being familiar with the expertise of SciamuS, we turned to them for assistance in the development of our telecommunications strategy."
András Králik
head of IT department, FKF Zrt
"We saved an average of 48%. After all that, there was no doubt that we would choose SciamuS again in 2011. We are aware of the fact that in two years, not only the market, the prices and the contract conditions change, but our operation and habits, as well."
Róbert Olasz
business development director, Concorde
"Through a continual analysis of the changes in the telecommunications market, and the monitoring of adherence to the service contract as well as the calling habits, SciamuS makes very beneficial proposals for modification which have many advantages for us, as well as being able to save costs."
János Takács
CEO, Electrolux Csoport
"We also contracted for continuous cost monitoring and account audit services with SciamuS. The regular reports highlighted incorrect billing, further savings possibilities, and occasional anomalies…"
István Fodor
CEO, Pátria Nyomda Zrt.
"We gladly recommend SciamuS Kft. to anyone, since after they finished a successful project on OTP Bank, we also entrusted the company with the costs optimisation of telecommunications in our foreign subsidiaries… OTP Bank also regularly uses the monthly consulting services of SciamuS."
Tibor Andráskó
executive director, OTP Bank NyRt.
"They have signaled the legislative changes and advised on how to correspond to them while securing unhindered services. If we had any questions or data we needed, they quickly and readily helped."
Attila Farkas
strategic purchaser, Unicredit Bank
"... always came prepared for the negotiations, followed every process from beginning to end, supervised and controlled. The entire cooperation is highly appreciated."
Péter Ábrahám
IT and procurement director, Bonafarm Csoport
"The introduction of the proposed amendments by SciamuS took five months, managed by SciamuS, precisely keeping the deadline. [...] We got to know SciamuS Ltd. as an excellent partner both personally and professionally."
Zoltán Rakita
managing director, Beta-Trans Plusz
"Whether it's mobile or fixed, voice or data communications, SciamuS is characterized by speed, accuracy, helpfulness and a flexible attitude."
Györgyné Szilvásy
"We worked with two separate project managers, both of whom were outstanding in their work, which contributed significantly to the cooperation and success of the projects. They responded promptly and professionally to all emerging problems, new demands and comments."
Zsolt Matejcsok
IT manager, Colas Hungária
"We are happy to work together with the team, as they have been sufficiently flexible to handle our individual needs, have constructively participated in simplifying our infrastructure, modernizing it, and are open to our requests."
Lénárd Borbély
mayor, Csepeli Önkormányzat
"In the phase of implementation, SciamuS has been pursuing intense negotiations with the telecommunications service providers, and as a result, our already preferential tariffs have dropped significantly."
László Marosi
managing director, Meló-Diák Iskolaszövetkezet
"The cooperation with SciamuS’ colleagues were extremely professional, they always represented our interests against the service providers, their expertise was unquestionable, and the deadlines were always respected."
Botond Mihályi
CIO, Volvo

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Colas Case Study

The client was dissatisfied with the previous service provider’s impossible to follow mobile data pooling traffic and significant overbilling, the billing complaints and negotiations for a cost review were unending. The vulnerable situation stems from a significant increase in data traffic that the previous contract did not properly handle. When forming the new contract in addition to the favourable tariffs we have put special emphasis on the purchase, support, free unencrypting of the devices and also on the commercial and technical conditions of the pooling data package.


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