Telecommunication Consulting

Reviewing and developing the telecommunications infrastructure and developing a strategy.

Aptus [‘ap-t əs] latin: appropriate, suitable, apt

The steps of the project:

  • Review of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Surveying and reconciling special needs
  • Issuing a customized recommendation
  • Preparation of a project plan on the basis of the accepted proposals
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Who is the service for?

  • When developing a telecommunications strategy
  • Before telecommunication investments and developments
  • Office migration, telecommunication infrastructure relocation
  • Why SciamuS?
  • Because telco negotiations require up-to-date domestic and international market knowledge, where a consultant company knowledgeable in telecommunication, like SciamuS, has a clear upper edge.
  • SciamuS’ has a market leader position is thanks to its satisfied clients.
  • Because SciamuS has unique telecommunication experience and market knowledge.
  • Following new developments in the rapidly changing telecommunications and information technology is a major concern for company owners, managers, technical specialists, infrastructure or procurement staff.

It’s getting harder to navigate and compare different providers’ tariff plans and offers. The structure of telecommunication charges, the terms of service, and even the infrastructure and technology are constantly developing.

In addition, telephone habits and trends change continuously. Thus, not only is it necessary for growing companies to periodically review its telecommunication infrastructures, but also for seemingly stagnating businesses or institutions. The ever-changing market environment offers and requires new approaches for every organization.

In the light of the objectives outlined, we undertake the design and construction of the most efficient telecommunication and IT infrastructure. In this way, no matter what direction our clients are headed for, the optimal telecom and IT infrastructure will not be a goal in itself, but rather a tool in the service of the company’s strategy.

In case of investments and larger projects, we undertake the project management for the entire project. Consultancy with cost optimization offers a complete solution for our customers.

Do you have any question?

If you have telecommunication questions, would like to know us, or need support, feel free to contact us! We also appreciate your suggestions regarding our webpage and our services.