Cost monitoring

Keep the low cost structure after a successful cost optimization project.

Memor, latin: mindful, remembering

Type of service:

Continuous cooperation.

The service includes:

  • We regularly review the costs: we carry out a systematic and complete analysis on the basis of the itemized bills and CDRs.
  • Where necessary, we also recommend actions to be taken.
  • We offer support via telephone and e-mail.

Who is the service for?

For those of our clients who have undergone a cost optimization project.

  • Why SciamuS?
  • The analysis requires high-level statistical methods that only a professional consulting firm – SciamuS – can do.
  • Because the negotiations involved require up-to-date understanding of the domestic and international markets that only an extensively experienced company knowledgeable in the field of telecommunications – SciamuS – commands.
  • SciamuS is independent of any provider – and therefore unlinked to the interests of any provider – and thus represents only the interests of its clients.
  • SciamuS’ has a market leader position is thanks to its satisfied clients.
  • Because SciamuS is constantly monitoring market trends, it can influence them by communications and fact-finding pieces.
  • Because SciamuS has devised a unique way of audit telecommunications invoices in which the domestic and international telecommunications skills of the founding owners are concentrated.

After a successful Consido project, it is worth following up the savings. SciamuS therefore offers cost-effective consultancy services.

In every case:

  • We continuously monitor the telecom market and make recommendations if there’s an opportunity for further savings or any other advantage for the client.
  • We examine the service contracts of the various service providers continuously, with special attention to the current market conditions, habits and fees.

Depending on your needs:

  • Regularely in the framework of a personal consultation, we review client’s technical and cost structure for both mobile and landline networks.
  • Quarterly we carry out a detailed analysis on the basis of your itemized bills and CDRs to determine whether a change has occurred requiring action on the part of the client. On the basis of the analysis, we prepare a written report including our recommendations and observations.
  • We also offer support via telephone or e-mail
  • Of course, you may decide to take advantage of our cost tracking or consulting services under a bespoke agreement.

Do you have any question?

If you have telecommunication questions, would like to know us, or need support, feel free to contact us! We also appreciate your suggestions regarding our webpage and our services.