Cost optimization

The goal of the project is to minimize the telecommunication costs while maintaining or improving the quality and level of the telecommunication services.

Consido [verb] Latin: alight, subside

The steps of the project

  • A survey of the entire telecommunications service portfolio
  • Invoice audit
  • Review of the cost structure
  • Detailed analysis based on the invoices
  • Developing a vision and long-term concept
  • Submitting summary reports and suggestions to the client, presenting them
  • On the basis of the accepted proposals, prepare an action plan and execute the tasks
    • A part of the  action plan is tendering the service providers, technical, commercial and legal contract audits and negotiations
  • Measuring results
  • Billing of the success fee

Who do we recommend it to?

Large corporations, institutions, businesses whose total telecommunications costs exceed net 2200 Euros a month.

  • Why SciamuS?
  • The analysis requires special statistical methods that only a professional consulting firm – SciamuS – has.
  • Because the negotiations involved require up-to-date understanding of the domestic and international markets that only an extensively experienced company knowledgeable in the field of telecommunications – SciamuS – commands.
  • SciamuS is independent of any provider – and therefore unattached to the interests of any provider – and thus represents only the interests of its clients.
  • SciamuS’ market leader position is due to its satisfied clients.
  • SciamuS has saved more than 45 million EUR for our clients during its 15 years of operation.
  • There is no risk. Payment of Success Fee is due only after materialized savings at the end of the Project.
  • The achieved average cost saving is over 35%.

Consido is SciamuS’ internally developed cost optimization method to optimize telecommunications costs. This is achieved by examining all the cost components in the most efficient way. It includes among others:

  • review of service contracts,
  • overview of telephone call habits and telecommunications infrastructure,
  • review of technical equipment and network parameters,
  • the raison d’etre of the services used
  • the development of topology and structure.

We perform these steps on both fixed voice and data as well as mobile networks based on requirements. Our service typically is based on a success fee, meaning that our remuneration is paid by the costs actually saved.

Benefits of SciamuS’ service offer:

  • An independent reviewer independent of the service provider
  • Our consultants have outstanding and profound professional experience in domestic and European telecommunications
  • We are only remunerated based on the savings
  • We are actively involved in the implementation
  • We take responsibility for the execution

Why we think your company needs a cost optimization project?

Today, the European telecommunication market is not really transparent for companies and business organizations. Service providers have a tremendous advantage over the customer, who has limited opportunities to monitor costs and billing, and to find information on market prices. The telco product is commoditized, but pricing is extremely complicated and changes rapidly.

Do you have any question?

If you have telecommunication questions, would like to know us, or need support, feel free to contact us! We also appreciate your suggestions regarding our webpage and our services.