Get to know the history of the company

SciamuS is the market leader in independent telecommunication consultancy in Hungary and the East-Central Europe region, proved by hundreds of successful projects, with numerous domestic and international medium-sized and large companies. Our success is due to our self-developed cost optimization system and unmatched benchmark database.

Since the founding of the company in 2003, the key element of our mission is to turn the knowledge and experience that the company’s leaders have gained in their Swedish and Hungarian leadership activities for the benefit of our clients. We have references in the following countries: Hungary, Austria, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates.

Sciamus (latin),
we understand, we know

In any area of telecommunication (mobile telecommunications, fixed line telephony, data networks, internet, server rental, server hosting, PBX services), SciamuS’ competence is unquestionable. Our most popular service is full cost optimization, but we help our clients in tendering or continuous monitoring, as well as tailor-made, personalized tailor-made advice. Our average cost savings are over 35%, and we regained ten thousand of Euros of returns from incorrectly billed items for our clients

In addition to our high-level customer service, we consider it important to represent certain values we brought from Sweden in the Hungarian business sphere. Honesty, correctness, the value of the given word, respect for nature and our fellow human beings are all important pillars of our work. We are honest and fair with our clients, our subcontractors and our employees, we keep the deadlines, pay applicable taxes, our contracts are transparent, we do not employ black labour, and – with our modest means,- fight against corruption.

SciamuS is a member of the Transparency International Corporate Supporters Forum.

Arguments for choosing SciamuS

  1. No risk

    We save many times the amount of our remuneration. In addition, you still have budget for some further improvements.

  2. All our projects are unique

    The analysis is bespoke for the client; thus, we can build into the model any custom needs or individual use.

  3. We take over the bulk of the workload from our clients

    We execute the major part of the project: assessment, implementation and much of the procurement.

  4. SciamuS is a consulting firm independent from service providers.

    We represent only our client’s interests in relation to service providers.

  5. SciamuS is market leader with tremendous experience and a secure background.

    Over 400 projects and several decades of telecommunication experience accumulated a unique knowledge base.

  6. We have a unique knowledge base

    With our benchmark database and our unique TCO model, we quickly and efficiently compare price and subscription construction with that of companies of similar scale and size.

  7. We have a greater knowledge of the structure of the bills than the provider colleagues.

    We can easily point out billing errors and over billing, and we take care of the complaint process ourselves.

  8. We are deeply familiar with the providers’ contracts and prices.

    We get the most favourable constructions for our customers: the best prices and the best legal, technical and commercial conditions.

  9. We know of available, but not advertised services of providers.

    In many cases, these may have direct or indirect cost savings.

  10. We can easily assess the inefficient utilization of telecommunication infrastructure.

    We either terminate or replace them with an effective solution.

  11. We know the legal and financial environment in Hungary and the European Union, and the regulations on telecommunications.

    We are happy to share our suggestions and experiences with our clients.

  12. We regularly model calling habits

    The devised regularities are integrated into our system and are utilized for all our projects.

Do you have any question?

If you have telecommunication questions, would like to know us, or need support, feel free to contact us! We also appreciate your suggestions regarding our webpage and our services.