Erik Bedő

managing director, senior consultant

My strengths are complex solutions, complex project management and network solutions, but I am familiar with every telecommunications area, including the world of modern gadgets.
Erik Bedő

I founded SciamuS in 2003 which I am managing since over periods of market and technical development. I am still very fond of running projects, especially those where there’s a large chunk of professional and personal challenge.

I was born and raised in Sweden, although my parents are Hungarian. It was a huge change for me when I relocated to Hungary and the change is felt still today. But I feel well here, the fact that I’ve stayed for more than 25 years proves this better than anything else!

I have two degrees from my time in Sweden from the eighties, one in Engineering and one in Finance. In SciamuS I can use both, as every technical solution is only viable if it’s also affordable…

Earlier I was vice president at IBUSZ and CFO at Pannon GSM (today: Telenor Hungary), after that I was responsible for 6 years for 1.300 people at MatavCom. In 2002 I finally decided to leave the enterprise world and start my own business. I’ve never regretted that!

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